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OPEN! Colorado Springs local outdoor store since 1968!
OPEN! Colorado Springs local outdoor store since 1968!
Banff Film Fest Back in Colorado Springs

Banff Film Fest Back in Colorado Springs

What’s it like to be awed? Specifically, what does it FEEL like to be awed?  Several words come to mind – inspired, overwhelmed, excitement, fear, anxiety, and respect – yet none of these words can fully describe it.  It can’t be explained; it can only be experienced.  For forty years, the Banff Mountain Film Festival has been providing these experiences, showing some of the most awe inspiring videos from around the world, leaving viewers feeling like they just got off a roller coaster. 

Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival is held over 9 days annually in Banff, Alberta, CA where films selected from an international competition are screened.  Some film categories include “Exploration and Adventure,” “Mountain Culture,” and “Mountain Environment & Natural History.”  After the festival, there is a “World Tour” which travels to 5 continents.  Each location is provided a list of films the host can choose from to show at their specific screening. 

Mountain Chalet will host the Banff Film Festival at the Stargazers Theatre in Colorado Springs.  The festival will be held Tuesday, March 7 and Wednesday, March 8.  Each night will feature different films.

This year marks the 11th year that Mountain Chalet has hosted the Banff Film Festival.  In 2005, long-time owner Dan Foster took over hosting the festival and decided to donate 100% of the ticket proceeds to the Rocky Mountain Field Institute (RMFI).  Even though the Chalet’s ownership changed two years ago, the event and donations continued. “RMFI’s focus on our public lands – through stewardship, education and research – is vitally important.  They are a local, grassroots organization that actually gets dirty on the trails and produces results everyone can see and benefit from,” said shop co-owner, Jim Smith.  “It’s notable that RMFI’s founder, Mark Hesse, was an avid climber and mountaineer who was inspired to take action because of his time in our outdoor environment.”  To date, donations from the Banff Film Festival total more than $160,000.

Mountain Chalet has hosted Banff in several locations through the years (Palmer High School, Manitou Elementary School, and Benet Hill Monastery) before moving to the Stargazers Theatre in 2009.  It’s been held there ever since.  Starting last year, due to Banff’s popularity and the high demand for tickets, Mountain Chalet added a second night to the film festival.  Now over 1,000 people may enjoy the films and contribute to RMFI’s important work.

To purchase your tickets for the Banff Film Festival hosted by Mountain Chalet, click on the date below to purchase online and pick up in store, or stop in at the shop.

MARCH 7th AND 8th, 2017

TIME: 7:00PM
LOCATION: Stargazers Theater, 10 Parkside Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80910
DESCRIPTION: The Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour presented by National Geographic and The North Face; presented locally by Mountain Chalet. Tickets must be picked up at Mountain Chalet.

Purchase Tickets for First Night Purchase Tickets for Second Night

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