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BANFF Film Festival World Tour 2021 is here!  

We welcome the virtual edition.  

Enjoy your films right now.



In these most unusual times, some of the tour is the same; and some of the tour is completely new!

So, what’s the same?

  • It offers the same great adventure films we know and love.
  • Mountain Chalet will donate the funds raised when you purchase your selection of film program(s) through the link provided here.
  • Rocky Mountain Field Institute is the beneficiary of your support and generosity.

What's new?

  • The tour is VIRTUAL this year! 
  • You’ll have the opportunity to watch Banff Film Programs in the sanctity of your own home comfortably on your own couch enjoying beverages and snacks from your own frig. or toaster oven.
  • You’ll be able to purchase these online film programs thru a special Mountain Chalet link (provided below) with many ways to watch. 


How to purchase and watch

First, a definition: A program is a selection of films (between 3 and 10 films), just like a nite at our live events.  These film programs were put together by the Banff World Tour.

The Individual Programs are Amber,  Oynx, Ruby and Sapphire.

The Bundled Programs are Amber/Oynx and Ruby/Sapphire.

The EPIC Bundle includes all four individual programs:  Amber and Oynx and Ruby and Sapphire. 

A film program is about 2 hours long.  You can watch the films as often as you would like within a certain number of days.

Individual Programs

The price for individual programs is $15. After you purchase a film program thru Mountain Chalet's affiliate link (below), you have 3 days from the moment you first hit PLAY to watch the films in that program (as many times as you like). 

Bundled Programs

The price for a bundled program is $28.  After you purchase a bundled program, you will have 14 days from the moment you first hit PLAY to watch those films in those programs as many times as you like.


The price for the EPIC BUNDLE is $52.  After you purchase the Epic Bundle, you will have 14 days from the moment you first hit PLAY to watch those films in those programs as many times as you would like.



In addition to the current year programs, each month Banff offers a program of 3 prior year AWARD WINNING films for a period of 10-days for $15.  During this time period, the 3 selected films may be watched as often as you would like.

February's online rental films are available February 26 - March 7.  Featured this month are:

  • Confessions of a Runner (USA, 28 mins)  – Best Film Mountain Sports – 2020
  • The Last Mountain (Poland, 83 min)  – Best Film Climbing – 2019
  • The Ridge of Dreams (USA, 24 min) – Best Film Snow Sports – 2019


By using this link, funds generated here will benefit Rocky Mountain Field Institute: 



AFTER purchase, check out Banff's Help Center for help, if needed.

An internet or wifi connection is necessary to view the films, except there're also an iOS and Android apps available for viewing without wifi. Information is at the Help Center.   


Film Program Preview 

Here's a glimpse of films included in the AMBER & OYNX programs.

2020-21 Amber/Onyx Bundle Teaser from BCMFF World Tour on Vimeo.



The Legend of Tommy G; The Elder (The Winter); Tempo. Movements in Mountains; Climbing Blind (Tour Edit); Slack Sisters; Natural Mystic; Imagine; Return to El Guayas; The Secret of Bottom Turn Island.  


Charge 2; Where I Belong; Far Far Est; Running the Roof (Tour Edit); Voice Above Water: Madman Trails of Bhutan; Free as Can Be; One Star Reviews: National Parks. 





Film Program Preview 

Here's a glimpse of films included in the RUBY & SAPPHIRE programs.  REMEMBER...available after February 4.  Very soon!


2020-21 Ruby/Sapphire Bundle Teaser from BCMFF World Tour on Vimeo.



Mother Earth; Pretty Strong - Fernanda; The Long Today; 12,000 KM, Zeppelin Skiing (Tour Edit); Fly Spiti - The Short Odyssey; Silks; and Frozen in Time.



Attla (61 minutes); My Last Day of Summer (9 minutes); and Piano to Zanskar (Tour Edit) (53 minutes)





In May, we plan to host an outdoor (adhering to Covid-19 Safety Guidelines) Banff Film Festival World Tour presentation featuring new films (none of those included in these programs).  So, stay tuned!