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Bedrock Sandals were born in Northern California as a result of a Kickstarter campaign in 2011. Started by friends in an effort to design a simple, effective, and durable sandal that would free their feet and hold up to the rigors of their field work jobs. Bedrocks are assembled in Richmond, California by users that won’t settle for the status quo. The line is tight with only five distinct models to choose from (not including color, of course).

Mountain Chalet – as the exclusive dealer in Colorado Springs – has a small  inventory of Bedrock Cairn 3D Sandals for men and women for Fall 2018. A wider offering is coming for Spring of 2019.

Whether you’ll be wearing them on the trail or at the campsite, Bedrock® sandals should be a consideration for your next adventure. Weighing in at only 10.9 ounces per side (men’s size.11), the Cairn 3D model is nearly a pound lighter than an equivalently sized Chaco Z/2. For someone with a substantial arch, they don’t offer quite the same type of firm polyurethane support as a Chaco, but they break in nicely after a few days due to the more accommodating foam used in the midsole. If you’re someone that seeks out a more flat platform, the original Cairn model might be right up your alley. They feature thinner, less molded outsoles with the same accommodating foam you’ll experience in the 3D, but with a less-molded shape out of the box. All Bedrock sandals come with toothy, long-wearing Vibram® outsoles. If you’re using them in or near water, or are inclined to use them for climbing approaches, you can get both models with a special “sticky” Vibram® outsole for small additional amount ($10).

I’ve been a card carrying member of the “Chaco Army” since the mid-90s and have no intention of defecting fully to these Bedrock Cairns, but I do find them to be much easier to throw in a pack as a complement to my regular hikers. I imagine I’ll split my time with Bedrocks and Chacos in town and in the woods. As a minimalist approach to a highly engineered sandal, Bedrock® sandals have a lot of things going for them. So think about coming to get fitted for a pair at Mountain Chalet today. 

Bedrock Cairn 3D Sandals $110 for guys and gals.


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