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Since 1968, Colorado Springs' local outdoor store.
Since 1968, Colorado Springs' local outdoor store.

Ski Shop

RATES 2023/24

Major Tune (Side & Base Edge, Structure, Wax) $70
Minor Tune (Side & Base Edge, Wax) $50
Major Repair (core shot) Quote*, $25 minimum 
Machine Hot Wax $25
Hand Hot Wax $40
New Ski Tune/Prep (Detune and Machine Wax)1 $25
   1Free when skis are purchased at Mountain Chalet



Product $99.95
Install, new ski (+ cost of product) $50
Install, used ski (+ cost of product) $100


New Ski $65
Remount $75

2 Free with purchase of two or more items from a Ski Package (Skis, Boots, and Bindings) or the purchase of a new pair of skis.

3 Half price when bindings purchased at Mountain Chalet

4 If mount requires a paper jig an additional fee of $35 will be applied



Heat mold5,6 $60
Shell Modification5 $60
   5 Additional rate may apply if requires more than 1 hour and additional costs for accessories and insoles
   6 Heat mold is free with boot purchase at Mountain Chalet


Shop Work ($60/hr), Quoted*
Helicoils & Inserts $5 per hole (+ mount fee)
Climbing Skin Trim $35
Climbing Skin Trim (purchased at Mountain Chalet) $20
Binding Adjust / Release value setting $25

Rush Service (Overnight turnaround) $40