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Since 1968, Colorado Springs' local outdoor store.
Since 1968, Colorado Springs' local outdoor store.

Pulpit Rock Park


From downtown Colorado Springs, head north on Nevada Ave. Shortly before Nevada reaches I-25, there are a couple entrances to a small, parallel road on the right lined with a few businesses. At the end of the road, the sharp curve to the right leads to the parking lot for Pulpit Rock Park.


The main attraction of Pulpit Rock Park is Pulpit Rock itself—the dramatic, pillared formation overlooking the city. It is a short hike with nice views. The path to the top is not well established, because people attempt routes from a variety of directions. The trail constantly forks and rejoins, but if you keep heading in the general direction of the summit, you should be able to get there.

The wide, gravel trail leading from the parking lot splits in two directions, with the fork on the left leading toward the neighborhood behind Pulpit Rock and the one on the right forming a switchback that leads up the hill.

One way of getting to the summit is to take the right fork, then follow the first dirt path breaking away on the left (marked by the “no motorized vehicles” sign). Again, the path tends to split, but any well-traveled trail going in the proper direction will take you to the top.

As you climb higher, you will start to notice more and more interesting stones on the ground. The soft, chalky textures and rainbow of colors hint at the unusual formations above you.


The summit itself is a beautiful collection of eroded pillars, ledges, and oddly shaped boulders. Although marked up by graffiti, the formations are well worth seeing, and the overlook of the city is impressive for the trail’s short length.

Several miles of social trails also wind through the park if you are looking for something less steep.


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