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Since 1968, Colorado Springs' local outdoor store.
Since 1968, Colorado Springs' local outdoor store.

Ring the Peak Trail


Friends of the Peak’s guide to Ring the Peak, which includes directions to the access points and maps and descriptions of the ten trail sections.


The Ring the Peak trail system is a large project still in progress. As the name suggests, the trail will eventually form a loop around Pikes Peak.

The vast majority has been completed, granting us long stretches of trail in beautifully remote areas of the foothills. While it is not yet continuous, the total length is about 63 miles. Often, the trail coincides with other trails.

The trail from “Raspberry to Horsethief” forms the smallest section at 3.6 miles, while the others are no shorter than five miles each and go up to nearly ten. These substantial trails make it easy to take off into the woods and hike for as long as you’d like without running into many roads or neighborhoods in most cases (the Intemann section being one of the exceptions). They do make for rather long loops, however, so you may want to either turn around part way through or arrange a car shuttle.

Certain parts of the trail system still lack adequate signage, but when you see a marker, the color facing you signifies the direction you are going—brown indicates clockwise and green indicatescounterclockwise around the peak.

  • Photographs by Tabitha Carroll

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