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Closed on Monday, May 20.


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"Dirty Gourmet Plant Power" - Food for Your Outdoor Adventures - by Aimee Trudeau, Emily Nielson, and Mai-Yan Kwan.

Are you always trying to figure out what to eat when you're out in the wild?  Like at the crag for day?  Hiking your favorite trails in the mountains for the week-end?  Having a picnic in a local park? Spending a week on the Colorado Trail?  Hopping from camp site to camp site during your van-life vacation?  

This book is perfect for solving those struggles.  With 125 recipes - from trail snacks, to outdoor meals, to after-dinner drinks - and guidance on how to create not only nutritious, plant-based meals, and also guidance on what kind of "kitchen" to set up, your struggles with figuring out what and how to eat will be solved!

Learn about ingredients best for the outdoors, techniques to lighten your load (dehydration), and how to convert your favorite recipes to ones you may enjoy out in the wild.